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Making Dreams Reality

 501 c(3)

 “Making Dreams Reality is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to turn their dreams into reality. We provide support, resources, and opportunities for people to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. Whether it's through mentorship, education, or community programs, our mission is to help individuals unlock their full potential and make their dreams come true."

"To Elevate the youth in the most Efficient manner so they can Execute their future. An organization that allows our youth to shape their future and be an example to their peers in effort to be successful in life. A corporation that will nurture and help mature lives, not just in our own communities but worldwide."

Fundraise with MDR

To fundraise with Making Dreams Reality means that you are wanting to be a part of a community that is using all resources to help make dreams reality. While we have people who are a part of our programs for different reasons. Our focus is to expand all minds into believing that our community can accomplish anything. It takes a village to raise one child, so we would love our village to be huge! Come be a part of something great, we never know whose life you will help change. 


Support the youth by volunteering with MDR....

See which one of our programs fits your needs!

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