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Why we do it.....

Our mission is to elevate the youth in the most efficient manner so they can execute their future. An organization that allows our youth to shape their future and be an example to their peers in effort to be successful in life. A corporation that will nurture and help mature lives, not just in our own communities but worldwide. Making Dreams Reality is all about making a difference in the present and shaping a brighter future for young people. Our mission is to empower and uplift youth, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in life. MDR aims to create opportunities for personal growth, education, and skill development, helping youth build a solid foundation for their future. By offering fundraising programs for schools and a volunteer program for life bill assistance, MDR is actively working to bridge gaps and empower students to reach their full potential. Their dedication to elevating youth and shaping a better future is truly commendable.

What we do

Our volunteers will coordinate and operate concession stands at various stadiums. We volunteer for events such as concerts, NFL Football games, MLB Games, College Sporting events and local events. With that we can become an established resource for those in our program and need assistance. We collaborate with other Non-profits and business to help mold that vision as well. It has been an amazing experience to have a positive impact on the community and help our youth thrive. 

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Meet the owners 

The owners of Making Dreams Reality were driven by their passion for empowering youth and creating opportunities for success. They witnessed firsthand the challenges that young individuals face in achieving their dreams, whether it be financial barriers or limited resources. Inspired by the desire to make a difference, they decided to establish this non-profit organization. Their goal is to provide scholarships, rental and utility, as well as fundraising support to school's athletic teams. By creating Making Dreams Reality, they are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of youth and fostering a brighter future for the community.

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